Short of native stone, nothing can
compare to the textural richness and
depth of color given by stained
concrete.  Acid staining your
concrete will add more value and
elegance to your home or building.  
Plus, it is only a fraction of the cost
of real stone.  It also gives you more
control over the colors and shading
of the floor.

This is not a topcoat or paint, it is a
chemical reaction that will not chip
or peel.  The acid stain contains
inorganic salts dissolved in water.  
When applied to concrete it reacts
with the minerals in your concrete.  
Any concrete will have the proper
minerals, but every floor has
different concentrations.  The result,
every floor will have its own unique
appearance.  Even certain parts of
some concrete floors will contain
more minerals then others.  
Therefore, these areas could have
brighter, more vibrant colors than the
rest.  The mottled and varied
appearance of acid stained floors is
very common.  It is also one of the
main reasons people choose to acid
stain their floors.

The concrete stain solution can be
applied three different ways.  It can
be sprayed, brushed or rolled onto
your floor.  In order to protect the
stain and provide long lasting
durability, it is very important to seal
the floor.  After that, with modest
maintenance your floor will be
gorgeous for decades to come.
You can have your company logo,
family crest, and even creative
geometrical designs as center
pieces for much less than treatment
in tile or terrazo.
Acid Staining
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